Fiona Burton Headshot

Interview with Fiona Burton

Client Partner, The Leith Agency


Now that 2020 is over, how do you feel and how did you find the year?

This year has been tough. Everyone I know has worked harder and longer than ever before - with little light relief given the restrictions. However, amongst all the grind, I've witnessed the most amazing examples of strength, resilience and teamwork I've ever seen in my career. People looking after each other, supporting each other, and still pushing to create the best work possible in times of hardship. 

Personally, I feel proud, blessed, optimistic and a little bit tired. Probably in that order. After 2020, we can achieve anything. 


Tell us about your favourite campaign of 2020 and why has it stood out for you.

This is a difficult question because the industry has struggled to make stand-out work this year. Pre-covid, my vote goes to Burger King, Mouldy Whopper by INGO Stockholm, David Miami & Publicis. Simple in thought, simple in execution - anything but simple to pull off.

During the pandemic, most work looked and sounded the same. In film, we saw a sea of faces on Zoom/ Teams or empty streets and empty offices with melancholy soundtracks. Rarely was there a core idea to get excited about. So, to answer this question, I'd like to think more broadly. If our industry is about inciting change, then Marcus Rashford's campaign for Free School Meals vouchers in England gets my vote. 


When it comes to the marketing industry, what changes do you think have been made?

There have been a few fundamental changes to our industry. The most liberating change is the new bond of trust which has formed between businesses/organisations and their workforce. Flexible working has been catapulted into the correct decade and, as a result, the industry will attract better, more diverse talent from all over the world. In theory, you can now work for that company in Amsterdam, from your home office in Hawaii. 


Is there anyone that has inspired you during lockdown?

Quite a few people inspired me during lockdown. Nicola Sturgeon, for getting up each and every day to speak to the Nation and the media, without calling in a duvet day. Janey Godley for reminding us that creativity can thrive in any circumstances - even a pandemic. And Ernest Hemmingway, because everyone needs a bit of escapism now and then.

What’s on the horizon for 2021?

A lot more fun, and a lot more coffee. 




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