The Behavioural Architects

The Behavioural Architects (TBA) is an award-winning, global insight, research & strategic consultancy business founded in 2011. The company uses the latest thinking from the behavioural sciences to help organisations decode and influence decision-making and behaviour. TBA has offices in London, Shanghai, Sydney and Melbourne and works with many of the world's leading organisations such as Google, Haleon, Diageo, Lilly, NCIMI, Uber, Amazon, Disney, RFU and Sainsbury's.

TBA has won numerous industry awards. In 2023 it won the MRS New Consumer Insights Award for its innovative work with Google understanding online purchase decisions. Other awards include the 2022 MRS award for sustainability research, MRS Best New Agency, MRS Best Place to Work, Prosper Riley Smith Award for Qualitative Excellence, MRS Grand Prix award for Social Impact, ESOMAR Global best paper, MRS Jeremy Bullmore Award for Creative Development Research, 2020 MRS New Consumer Insights Award and MRG award for the best research initiative.









Crawford Hollingworth FMS FMRS FRSA CMRS is Global Chairman and global founder of The Behavioural Architects. Over the last decade Crawford has given many talks and lectures on applied behavioural science to numerous organisations such as MRS, Esomar, EphMRA, and London Business School, amongst others. He has co-authored over 300 published articles and books on applied behavioural science for publications such as the New Scientist, IMPACT, WARC, EMPOWER and The Behavioral Scientist.  


Liz Barker









Liz Barker is Director of Global Behavioural Intelligence at The Behavioural Architects. She ensures the company is consistently applying peer-reviewed science in ways which are rigorous, accessible and impactful for clients. She monitors the latest insights and developments in behavioural science to bridge the gap between academia, behavioural science practitioners and the private/public sectors. Together with Crawford Hollingworth, she has published over 300 articles and books on the application of behavioural science. She has given talks on behavioural science including to the Royal College of Art and UCL. She has also been behavioural science advisor to Oxfam.

Previously she worked at the strategic consultancy Oxford Analytica and development consultancy Oxford Policy Management. Her background is in Economics with a BA and MSc in Economics from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford.

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