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How Tech is Changing Marketing

It’s no secret that technology is the ever-evolving frontier of the marketing industry. But how can marketers keep pace with the sheer speed and scale of change?

We’ve partnered with Alchemy Network, who run Europe’s largest innovation programme, to offer complimentary Tech Acceleration Workshops, tailored to your team, that will help you drive innovation and education through your business. Here’s a small selection of the groundbreaking technologies that Alchemy Network can help you discover…

A glaring issue that marketers have faced for many years is the absence of an effective means to validate strategic rigour within the creative process. The prevailing reliance on experience, guesswork, and time-consuming traditional methods costing substantial sums has far-reaching consequences; from slowing down time-to-market, to fostering uninspired ideas, team frustration, agency-client conflicts and wasted budgets.

Loops offer a solution that embraces agile principles borrowed from product development - such as lean startup and design thinking - and integrates them into the creative journey. The pivotal component is the introduction of iterative loops that provide brands with immediate audience feedback at every creative stage. These loops are threaded together by data, serving as tangible evidence of the soundness of the creative thinking behind the idea, and its alignment with strategic objectives.

What makes this approach timely is the recent breakthroughs in AI and Language Models (LLMs). These advancements enable Loops to process thousands of intricate opinions on brand and marketing with a single click; a feat unimaginable just a year ago. This empowers Loops to collect real-time, cross-market feedback on creative work, packaged into actionable recommendations that enhance work quality while keeping pace with the speed of content production.

In this way, Loops can help marketers to eliminate subjective debates, which traditionally impede the creative process, and instead use data to cultivate creative confidence, foster alignment and accelerate progress. In an era where agility and adaptability are paramount, this creative transformation promises to not only boost efficiency but also catalyse innovation in marketing and brand development. It represents a paradigm shift, breaking down barriers, unleashing creative potential, and delivering results that underscore the potency of data-driven, agile creativity.

Another big issue marketers face today is chronic advertisement fatigue. Those with the means are opting out of advertising entirely, and according to Gartner, ‘consumers “deliberately don’t pay attention” to ads and “try to multitask” if they’re stuck in front of one’. So how do brands connect with their target audience, create positive brand sentiment and most importantly, drive intent to purchase?

One answer is to integrate products into content itself, whether that be a TV episode, movie, influencer video, sporting event etc. Gartner go on to predict that ‘by 2024, 70% of brands will redeploy at least 10% of their media budget to product placement in entertainment content’. Traditionally a very manual and expensive process, and subsequently the domain of only the biggest global brands, product placement is being revolutionised by Ryff. Their pioneering technology empowers brands and advertising agencies to harness the potential of AI to create authentic connections between consumers and their products through seamless and highly scalable virtual product placement.

Ryff’s AI-powered platform, SpheeraTM, makes this possible by identifying hundreds of pieces of metadata in every frame of content, and using it to find realistic placements for brands. With 3D models that are indistinguishable from reality, Ryff enables brands to execute scalable product placement programs that are relevant, repeatable and authentic.

Let’s focus now on sustainability; another hot topic for marketers and for the wider digital advertising industry, which faces a huge carbon emissions challenge created by unnecessarily complex and inefficient ad supply chains. Programmatic advertising alone generates 215,000 metric tons of carbon emissions every month across five major economies. It's vital that we take definitive action to find new, effective solutions. Brands are faced with a dilemma; how can they advertise responsibly without sacrificing performance?

Fifty offers a unique solution through their platform, which leverages the social, web and CRM data of over 15m users. It makes sense of complex audience datasets and offers impactful insights for hyper-targeted media activation. This year, Fifty launched a new in-platform integration, powered by Scope3, which allows clients to understand the environmental impact of different domains, showing the impact of different devices, locations and ad sizes in gCO2PM. Utilising this information, brands can optimise media plans towards greener solutions and are empowered to track, record and shape the footprint of their advertising activity. Fifty also offer the opportunity to responsibly compensate for emissions at campaign-end. An Earthly-certified Climate Positive business themselves, Fifty are a great example of technology for sustainability; helping brands dramatically reduce their carbon footprint when delivering high-performing media.

These are just three of the technology partners you might discover in an Alchemy Network Technology Acceleration Workshop. Contact [email protected] to find out more or to book your own complimentary, bespoke session today - here


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