Glyn Shadwell

Founder & CEO, Alchemy Network Ltd

Glyn is the founder & CEO of Alchemy Network.

Alchemy Network have originated and built a unique platform for Marketing Teams to learn from and leverage the entrepreneurial ideas and technologies of the worlds’ most exciting early and growth-stage adtech and martech companies.  

Having spent 30 years in advertising and marketing, Glyn has worked across networks including Dentsu, Omnicom, and IPG, before founding a full-service agency specialising in Digital, Media, Creative, and PR in 2005 which was acquired in 2010. Holding senior positions across the world’s largest agencies, consultancies, and media agencies, Glyn has advised a wide array of brands including Apple, British Airways, British Gas, Sony, HSBC and Exxon Mobil.

Glyn has a strong technology pedigree, before founding Alchemy Network he most recently held Executive positions at Mporium Group PLC, an AIM-listed adtech company where he was COO, and Quantcast as Director of Clients & Strategy. The last 4 years have been spent building Alchemy Network, helping marketing teams drive meaningful innovation through adtech & martech. 

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