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Cannes Lions 2024

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2024 has once again provided a wealth of insights into the current state and future direction of our industry.

This year I asked a range of members from across our global hubs if they would give their thoughts and highlights throughout their time in Cannes. It was great to have a variety of perspectives and a wider reach at the vast amount of events covered within the week. With thanks to Phoebe Barter, Ellie Norman, Jo Merecido, Leo Rayman, Sabina Jasinska, Siew Ting Foo, Ebru Tuygun and Wendy Walker for their time and dedication to the task!

This year's event highlighted several key themes: the growing influence of AI in marketing, the continued importance of purpose-driven campaigns, the need for cultural relevance in global marketing, and the enduring value of creative excellence.

From sessions on brand building in the digital age to discussions on inclusive marketing, Cannes offered a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities facing marketers today.

This piece aims to summarise the key takeaways from the festival, sharing our daily dispatches on Linkedin, providing you with actionable insights to apply in your own work. As we navigate an increasingly complex marketing landscape, the lessons from Cannes serve as both inspiration and practical guidance.

Our stories from behind the scenes at Cannes and at our The Marketing Society events can be viewed on our Instagram stories here.

Day 1 Cannes LIons 2024 The Marketing Society


On Day 1, the correspondents highlighted a diverse range of experiences and insights from the Cannes Lions Festival. Key themes included creative inspiration, leadership lessons, the intersection of AI and human creativity, and the importance of diversity in marketing. Specific events mentioned were Pinterest's creative showcase, sessions at the Female Quotient's Equality Lounge, discussions on balancing business needs with humanity, and a spectacular drone show that set the tone for the week ahead. Read the Linkedin post here


Day 2 of Cannes Lions with The Marketing Society


On Day 2, our correspondents reported on a wide range of topics and events. Key themes included accessibility in advertising, with Meta's 'The Gathering' discussing the Accessibility Alliance and P&G's efforts to reach 100% of the population. Inclusive marketing was highlighted through sessions featuring SinĂ©ad Burke and Mars' Chief Brand Officer. The evolving landscape of creativity in a fragmented, digital world was explored by top creative leaders from Omnicom. Cultural relevance in Asian markets was discussed, emphasising the importance of understanding local cultures for campaign success. Additionally, initiatives like the "TimeTo" campaign addressing sexual harassment in the advertising industry were highlighted. Coca-Cola's session provided insights on staying relevant through cultural alignment and sustainability focus. Overall, the day's events underscored the industry's focus on inclusivity, cultural awareness, and adapting to a changing creative landscape. Read the Linkedin post here


Day 3 of Cannes Lions with The Marketing Society


On Day 3 discussions centred around creativity, AI, and global perspectives. Es Devlin and Alex Schultz emphasised the power of curiosity in addressing challenges, while Taban Shoresh OBE inspired with her journey from refugee to global changemaker. Elon Musk's talk on AI's potential to surpass human creativity sparked both intrigue and concern. Sir Martin Sorrell addressed the tension between AI and human creativity, as well as short-term versus long-term marketing strategies. The day also featured luxurious experiences provided by brands like Mastercard. Overall, the events highlighted the intersection of innovation, creativity, and global issues, while also showcasing the festival's evolving nature towards greater diversity and inclusion. Read the Linkedin post here  


Day 4 of Cannes Lions with The Marketing Society


On Day 4, our correspondents highlighted diverse and inspiring sessions. Siew Ting Foo emphasised Patagonia's unwavering commitment to their core purpose, showcased through their "Fashion is None of Our Business" campaign. Phoebe Barter attended two notable talks: one featuring Jason and Travis Kelce, which emphasised authenticity and psychological safety in fostering creativity, and another at WPP Beach summarising learnings from the week's creativity winners. Key takeaways included the importance of true client-agency partnerships and the shift towards more balanced, human, and characterful work post-2020. The day's events underscored themes of brand purpose, authenticity, and evolving creative approaches in the industry. Read the Linkedin post here  

And finally...

Chair of The Marketing Society Singapore Wendy Walker left us a video note following her trip this year you can watch it here:



Ebru Tuygun, board member of The Marketing Society UAE wrote a detailed review of Cannes Lions in her Linkedin article which you can read here

Linn Frost and Ashley Cooksley from Social Element donned Smart glasses to document their time - you can read their review here.


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