The Marketing Society Digital Day Scotland

The Digital Day 2024 Deep Dive

A round up of our global digital day events

Our global The Digital Day series is legendary - from what began in Scotland in 2014, the event has expanded to London and Dubai and now to Singapore in 2024. We have so much great content to share with you in a round-up from our global programme.

The theme for this year's series is "Connect the dots: Now and Next" and we heard from top tech experts about the latest trends, programmes and platforms, challenges and opportunities that will transform your business and your brands.

“Thought-provoking and insightful look into the future of digital”

The Marketing Society Digital Day 2024

“Thanks for hosting one of the best events I've seen this year: punchy, impactful, no sales! Super impressive”

Here you will find all our event reviews, photos, videos and further reading to get a true deep dive into our The Digital Day global experience.



Equator’s Josephine Canning was fascinated by the contrasts between Asian and Western consumers and what it means for brands, how connecting with people in a playful way leads to deeper engagement and why a brand that speaks to everyone speaks to no one. A review of the 10th annual The Digital Day Scotland. Read it here.


Siew Ting Foo shares insights on the evolving CMO role, emphasising purpose, resilience, and servant leadership. CMOs must navigate uncertainty, drive growth, and enhance lives through customer-centric strategies, global-local collaboration, and continuous learning, much like Leonardo Da Vinci mastered his craft. Read it here.

The Marketing Society’s Singapore first ever The Digital Day was a whirlwind of amazing insights, top tips and case studies. RAPP's Belinda Clark shares her favourite bits with 6 top takeaways from the session at Singapore’s iconic National Gallery. Read it here.

Laura Quigley from Integral Ad Science, our partner for The Digital Day Singapore shares insight into how a better understanding of attention and how it ties to business results will help marketers ensure their campaigns capture optimum consumer attention. Read it here.

Darren Chuckry was invigorated by the dynamic interplay of technology and creative strategy steering the future of marketing at The Digital Day Singapore.  With key insights on AI, social-first storytelling, attention economy, social responsibility in gaming, shoppertainment, and the evolving CMO role, equipping marketers for the digital age. Read it here.


Tish House, Head of Conversion Marketing at ITV shares her top four takeaways from The Digital Day England. Key insights: Search as a behaviour, digital transformation through innovative teams, hyper-personalised content via AI, and the power of storytelling to influence change in digital marketing strategies. Read it here.

The Digital Day England 2024 Coffeehouse takeover from Sarah Dear talked of how AI revolutionises marketing, from personalised content to inclusive design, while emphasising the importance of human creativity, authenticity, and emotional connections in digital experiences. Read it here.


The Marketing Society Digital Day Scotland


Quotes about the The Digital Day UAE as seen on Linkedin:

"Just wow! 🙌 The line up of speakers were on point and each brought their unique perspectives to AI and digital transformation and its impact on the Marketing industry. From rooftop breakfast nibbles to interactive sessions, it was a half-day well spent! I learned, mingled, and left feeling inspired! - Amber Pasha 

"My key take-aways:

  • The question is not whether Generative AI will transform our way of working, thinking and creating. It is already happening.
  • We are maybe living through the most important revolution of the past few decades in our industry. Change is good, embrace it.
  • AI is (hopefully) not here to take our job. It helps humankind to make the most of our capabilities.
  • Don’t believe everything you see in Media.  Generative AI capabilities are already unbelievable and truth can be twisted"  - Boris Carreau

We created a Mega Thread for the global The Digital Day event series in our members-only social platform, The Coffeehouse on Guild. Take a look here to find out what the views and key thoughts were from the series of events.  Thanks to House of Comms in Dubai and Social Element in England for their take-overs on the day of our events.


Tech Acceleration Showcases


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The Marketing Society Digital Day


Browse the photos from The Digital Day:

  • Scotland in Glasgow here.
  • England in London here.
  • UAE in Dubai here.
  • Singapore here.

"It was a vital experience to stay in the know amongst today’s ever-evolving digital landscape."


From The Digital Day England we have a full playlist of videos from our speakers open to members to view.


The Marketing Society Digital Day England


  • Find the playlist here (members-only content)
  • Interviews with our speakers from England can be found in our YouTube playlist here.
  • Watch the highlights video from UAE here
  • Full session recordings from the UAE are here. (members-only content)
  • Watch the highlights video from Scotland here

Further Reading

Jeremy Connell-Waite from our Digital Day England programmes shares his presentation here and provides a link for everyone where they can access all his storytelling content and download all the “One Pagers” he shared in the session >>

Thank you to our partners for supporting this series:

Scotland - Republic of Media. Supported by Bright Signals, Lux

England - SQREEM Technologies, Deloitte Digital, IPG Media Brands. Powered by Snap. Supported by Orb Group, Fifth Frame Films, Baz Seal

Dubai - hosted by PwC, in partnership with Adobe.  Supported by Multitude FZE, House of Comms

Singapore - Integral Ad Science



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