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Digital Day Conference Singapore - a review

In just 2.5 hours, The Marketing Society’s Singapore Digital Day Conference shared an amazing whirlwind of insights, top tips, and case studies – leaving an impact that might’ve taken other APAC conferences a full two days to achieve. Led by Matthias Blume from Coca-Cola, some highlights included: AI (of course), creativity as culture, content as Shoppertainment, some skin-tingling work from Vaseline, a new way to measure success (hint: attention, not impressions) and the core capabilities of tomorrow’s successful Digital CMO.

These are my 6 top takeaways from the session at Singapore’s iconic National Gallery.

Did you know that AI can’t do collarbones?
And while we’re at it, have you tried using AI like ChatGPT, Perplexity, IdeaApe and GlobeExplorer as an input for your unstructured information rather than a final step to refine? Dominique Rose Van-Winther from Final Upgrade AI gave us a live email-writing AI demo in just 2 minutes. Jaw dropping? Yes. But whose job is it to understand AI? Well, yours, CMO. Dominique suggests making it your personal mission to spend a few minutes each day testing, learning, and making sense of AI innovation.

Did you know you can donate your skin?
Well, I didn’t, and now you do too thanks to the Skins for Skin campaign from Vaseline and Ogilvy. The team’s key takeaway? Always consider the uncommon partnership in the context of your audience culture, because you never know where the next creative idea might come from.

It’s time to create at the speed of culture
Meta’s Jimmy Lee shared an awe-inspiring story of connectivity sparking social creativity. There were enough Dune references to fill a desert! Jimmy’s tips included: originate from social, collaborate with creators, and diversify for attention, because social isn’t “yet another channel” but a means of building a brand worth engaging with. In fact, creativity is the new targeting, especially when shaped by consumer motivations and where placements are designed specifically for platforms.

Content is now commerce
You’ve probably heard of Shoppertainment. But do you think of content as a growth generator rather than a cost centre? Well, you should, says TikTok’s Manas Sabnis. When content is created at scale, the results are impressive. How much scale, I hear you ask? Well L’Oréal may now hold the world record with 10.5 hours of shoppable content created EVERY DAY for their recent campaign. Phew!

Attention: A new measure of success is on the horizon
Have you ever wondered how much wastage is in your media? Are you targeting the right people? And is your audience actually paying attention to your message? Attention is the new impressions, according to Laura Quigley from IAS. Thanks to their Attention Targeting Model, they’ve helped their clients to improve cost per attention and reduce wastage. A top topic for 2024, I’m sure!

The CMO Role is changing
HP’s Siew Ting Foo shared the Da Vinci Growth CMO Matrix, and we can now see what it’ll take to succeed. In short: attitudes will be more important than experiences, storytelling will win the day, being an agile and curious leader will keep you nimble, and stakeholder management will be key to C-Suite engagement.

In summary

All in all, was it a worthwhile 2.5 hours? Absolutely. It was a vital experience to stay in the know amongst today’s ever evolving digital landscape.
See you all there next year!

Written by Belinda Clark VP Experience Strategy SEA RAPP

Published on 29 May 2024


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