Interview with Thea McGovern

Q&A Thea McGovern

What was the appeal in working at The Leith Agency?

Being able to say I worked for the people who did the IRN-BRU and Grolsch ads.

What sets The Leith Agency apart from the rest?

Leith’s always attracted a weird and wonderful bunch of makers and doers. And it’s always resisted big egos and awful marketing gubbins. I think that’s a good combination.

What does a day in the life of Thea the planner look like?

It looks like life: messy. Clothes flecked with children’s toothpaste; desk smothered in post-it ideas; bag crammed with marker pens and flip-chart notes; head permanently full of anxiety about making a difference to cancer, organ donation, flu, hate crime…

What is the best thing about your role as a planner? What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

The best bit is seeing campaigns have worked. Along the way, I’m lucky to meet people I might never cross paths otherwise, and be trusted with a glimpse into their lives; whether that’s the raw emotion of being a new mum; the reality of living on Universal Credit; or the joy of testing your poo for bowel cancer.

How important are awards when it comes to influencing new clients?

Winning creative awards helps attract the freshest new talent. Writing effectiveness papers helps you do better planning on the account. Both are good news for clients.

Who or what influences you?

I was lucky enough to have a brilliant planning mentor – Vicky Wiggins. She threw me in at the deep end, but was always there when I gasped for breath. I hope she looks down from somewhere, glass of fizz in hand, and has a good chuckle when she catches me still asking myself: ‘what would Vicky do?’.

Thea will be speaking at our Inspiring Results event on November 8. To book your place, please email Hayley.

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