The behavioural scientist’s guide to fuelling creativity

Guide to fuelling creativity

Going back to the definition, creativity, or being creative, is described as the process of using our imaginations, experiences, and original ideas to invent something novel and fresh. Many people would not label themselves as creative, and yet creativity is a skill that can be nurtured and developed and is useful in a multitude of capacities.

Over the last few years, behavioural scientists have been exploring creativity; how can we help fuel individual creativity to create more innovative environments and generate amazing new ideas?

We are going to help answer this question by providing four core insights from behavioural science that stand out as incredibly powerful ways to both encourage creative thinking and foster a creative environment, and above all help people understand everyone can be creative!

We will dive into:                    

  • The role of subconscious priming to maximise creativity
  • Whether diversity trumps expertise
  • The role of challenge and debate to maximize quality
  •  And the potential role of sleep!                        

So if you want to up that creativity download The Behavioural Scientist’s Guide to Fuelling Creativity  here

By Crawford Hollingworth, Founder at The Behavioural Architects