Member interview with John Appleton

Q&A with John Appleton


What’s your golden rule?

As a BD person, assume that your first point of contact will probably need to get someone else’s buy-in to talk to or meet you – so try to give him/her a unique insight-based rationale for going out on a limb with their boss. Relate it probably to a business issue rather than a pure marketing issue, and refer to sources such as the FT or Investors Chronicle - rather than the marketing press.

As a person, “manners maketh man”.

Who has been your biggest influence?

My Dad.

What is your most hated business expression?

It can wait.

How can marketers be braver?

By making some risk a key element of a strategy/plan rather than something to be avoided.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career?

Joining Pringle and thinking I could make a difference.

Which leader do you admire most and why?

Steven Gerrard – European Cup Final 2005

What’s your favourite word?

Home, closely followed by France

Tell us a secret?

There is no secret to BD

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