Interview with Victoria Watson

Creative Producer, Eyebolls

What's unique about your agency / business? 

We really care about the idea and we are passionate about bringing the right team together to produce the highest quality of work. We offer both live-action and animation which is a point of difference with other production companies. We always aim to work with the best talent in the industry and search far and wide to find them.

You’ve got a good few years’ experience in this industry. What’s been the steepest learning curve you’ve experienced from your time in the industry so far? 

Coming to realise that I can’t control everything, at the end of the day we are not saving lives, so I try not to take things too personally.

You must have been to all the best places in Scotland during your work with VisitScotland’s Brilliant Moments campaign. Can you tell us your favourite place? 

Since I’ve worked in the industry I’ve grown to really love my home, I appreciate how beautiful a country we live in. It’s probably been said a million times but the Isle of Skye is just amazing, so epic and beautiful – but actually quite difficult to film on as there is minimal accommodation and phone signal! The recent VisitScotland Campaign has taken us to many stunning buildings and locations and the historic stories we have heard have been amazing, we have all felt like we have been back at school and all the crew genuinely look forward to the next shoot to hear more fascinating Scottish History.

Thinking about all the incredible briefs that have crossed your desk over the years, what’s been the one that excited you most?

I would have to say the Jura Whisky TVC that I was lucky enough to direct and produce in 2014. Creatively it was a perfect concept for me and Ruth Yee from The Union was kind enough to give me my first directing opportunity. It is a piece of work that I am extremely proud of and it has helped build my animation directing career – so thanks Ruth! 

You come from an animation background. Which brands have been using animation recently and have really caught your eye?

I absolutely love the Slipsmith Gin advert – absolute perfection, classy, stylish, funny and really well executed. Oh and the British Bake Off advert from a couple of years ago, so good!

Who are your favourite type of clients to work for?

I love working with clients who are genuinely passionate about their product or brand and are collaborative and open to experimenting.

Catch Victoria (alongside Eyebolls co-founder Rhona Drummond) at our Industry Insights event with AdSmart from Sky: The Power of TV - December 5, Edinburgh. Find out more.