Digital Day Scotland: Now & Next

Glasgow Science Centre, 27 April, 9am to 5pm

Digital Day is back for 2023

Join us for a day of insightful talks, panel sessions and leading conversations. Digital Day Now & Next will inspire, challenge, motivate and connect members and non-members who all recognise the importance of successful digital in growing their business.

We will look at best practice and those doing brilliant work. We will discuss the future of digital in marketing, what’s next, the latest innovations and how to stay ahead of the game.  As we all know, the constant innovation of technologies can create fantastic opportunities but also creates challenges, as we navigate the marketplace and try to find the right solutions for our businesses. With a broad range of experts and great speakers, we will cover multiple topics, exploring trends and what to look out for in the coming future. The day is designed to inspire and challenge you.

Many thanks to our joint headline sponsors Yahoo and Republic of Media for their support and to Bright Signals, our Creative Partner and curator of the Digital Underground.



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Aditya Kishore

Insight Director, WARC

Nicole Christensen

Director, EMEA Integrated Marketing, Bumble

Charlotte Williams

Founder, SevenSix Agency

Barry Fearn

Managing Director, Lane Media

Jasmine Thompson

Digital Artist

Tom Head

CEO & Founder, Crypto Comparative Linguistics

Natalie Raine

Head of Consumer Marketing - Music, Partnerships & Connected TV (EMEA), YouTube

Amy Kelly

Head of Marketing, StartUp Grind Scotland

Carina Moran

Head of Strategy, Yahoo


Content creator

Simon Prinn

Head of Data Science and Engineering, Walgreens Boots Alliance

AJ Coyne

Head of Global Brand and Creative, Klarna


Glasgow Science Centre
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Smart Casual






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Event Host and Chair: Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

Ice-breaker and networking activity with Sophie

09:30am – 10:00am  

Aditya Kishore, Insight Director at WARC

The Marketer's Toolkit

The Marketer’s Toolkit 2023 is your guide to focus, survive and thrive. It includes a series of reports aimed at helping you identify and focus on key areas of industry disruption, determine the most effective strategies, and benefit from arising opportunities. Adi will take a closer look at some of the five key trends highlighted in the Global Trends Report, analyse the threats, opportunities and best strategies to help you navigate 2023.

10:00am – 10:30am 

Moderator: Carina Moran, Head of Strategy, Yahoo


Chris Royle, Sales Lead for Xbox Advertising in EMEA

Andruwu, Content Creator

The Game Plan: How brands can play together with gamers

Explore how brands can authentically align with gaming to add value for players across gaming titles, platforms and communities; from reaching audiences via Yahoo's exclusive Xbox advertising partnership, to building new gaming experiences and in-game content. Whether you're a newcomer to the gaming world or a seasoned pro, this panel has something for you.

10:30am – 11:00am   

Simon Prinn, Head of Data Science and Engineering at Walgreens Boots Alliance

Innovation – Breakthrough with data

In this session, Simon will share how Boots innovate with data across online, physical retail and healthcare. He’ll share how they are working with partners to use consumer data for the power of good. Examples include the recent Imperial College study, funded by Cancer Research UK,  which looked at six years of data of Boots and Tesco loyalty cards to help determine potential factors of cancer symptoms.

11:00am – 11:30am   

Refreshment Break

11:30am – 12:00pm

Fireside chat: Amy Kelly, B2B Growth Marketer, and Head of Marketing at StartUp Grind Scotland and Natalie Raine, Lead for Consumer Marketing in EMEA for Music and Premium Subscriptions, and more recently Connected TV and Partnerships at Youtube

Entrepreneurial mindset: approaching your marketing like you own the company

It’s time we take ownership over the holistic customer experience in marketing and start thinking like we own the company. In this fireside chat, Amy Kelly and Natalie Raine will be sharing their own experience and advice on how to shake up your approach to marketing so that you are building experiences that your customers love and driving impact for your business.

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Delegates move to the breakout rooms. You have the choice of 4 sessions to visit.


IMAX: Positive purpose curated by the Alchemy Network and chaired by David Spon-Smith, Alchemy Network

Technology has the power to enable companies to address pressing issues such as diversity, inclusivity and sustainability. By leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, companies can gain insights into their communications and identify areas for improvement; technology can be a powerful ally in helping marketers communicate in a more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable manner. 

  1. With Elon Musk's recent purchase of Twitter, Facebook's growth flattening, and TikTok's rise, the world of social media is at an inflection point. WeAre8 is a new social platform that has been created to unite and reconnect millions of brands and people, all with the common goal to collectively make the world a better place. More than 60% of all ad spend goes directly to its WeAre8 citizens and impact partners around the world. They're growing globally due to their ethical approach to advertising and have some great enterprise backers including broadcasters, such as Rio Ferdinand & Channel 4, and global media agency networks.
  2. MIQ are global leaders in programmatic advertising and have recently developed a number of exciting products in the CTV and programmatic advertising space. But what sets MIQ apart is their focus on sustainability and carbon emissions. As we all know, every action in programmatic advertising emits a few grams of carbon dioxide.  MIQ has taken it upon themselves to help advertisers understand how to minimize these emissions by standardising measurement, benchmarks, green scores, and practical solutions. By partnering with MIQ, you not only gain access to cutting-edge programmatic advertising technology, but you also get to show your customers that you're committed to reducing your carbon footprint. As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, brands that prioritize sustainability are likely to see increased loyalty and positive brand perception.
  3. Legacy works with brands, media companies and agencies to improve ESG quality for the global media industry. Our aim is to improve the understanding and activation of media investment, through an ESG lens


Tower Gallery South: Targeting and attention: progression in how marketers target and engage audiences curated by the Alchemy Network and chaired by Glynn Shadwell, Alchemy Network

Cookieless targeting and new forms of advertising are becoming increasingly important to marketing success, as the digital advertising landscape evolves to address growing concerns around privacy and user data protection, coupled with the ever increasing battle for attention and engagement. By embracing these changes and understanding the emerging options that exist, marketers can adapt to the shifting landscape of digital advertising and continue to drive success in their marketing efforts. 

  1. Born in the hills of Hollywood in 2018, Ryff are revolutionising the advertising industry. Ryff powers the seamless and authentic convergence of content and brands. Their proprietary AI technology analyses any moving image content to provide deep data intelligence about each frame, pinpointing the emotionally driven, association-based opportunities to marry brands to content with contextual relevance. They make any existing content – from TV to film to social media – available automatically, efficiently, and in real-time for brand and product integration.
  2. Dragonfly AI are at the forefront of the latest ‘Creative Tech’ wave, this British start-up combine behavioural science with AI to prove how much attention your content generates, generating significant performance increases in the process. This tech really needs to be seen to be believed!
  3. Brask is a global AI content company that reimagines content creation and customization by leveraging generative AI technology. Brask develops products and services for content entrepreneurs, such as our AI video localization and dubbing tool, Brask AI. The production arm, Brask Doubles, works directly with brands, agencies, and celebrities, harnessing the power of AI to create hyper-realistic digital doubles. The research arm, Brask AI, works on the questions of AI ethics and protecting authenticity in the age of AI. Named as "the VFX wizards" by The Rolling Stones, Brask are proud to have worked with industry leaders and innovators such as Universal Music Group, Wunderman Thompson, Leo Burnett, and Publicis Groupe.


Tower Gallery North: Protect & perform, surviving the ad budget

Squeeze, curated by Alchemy Network and hosted by Frankie Coia, Digital Planning Account Director, Republic of Media

Fraud prevention, measurement, and optimization are critical to the success of digital advertising because they ensure that advertising budgets are being spent effectively and efficiently, and that the data used to inform decision-making is accurate and reliable. In a cost of living crisis for both companies and consumers,  by leveraging technology that can help prioritize these areas, advertisers can ensure that their advertising budgets are being spent effectively and that they are getting the best possible return on investment.

  1. SegmentStream is solving the broken world of attribution and analytics by developing a new, innovative solution that allows marketers to understand the true impact of their marketing activities. By utilising Machine Learning algorithms, SegmentStream analyses your 1st party and behavioural data of the consumer journeys, across platforms, that convert across your site and transforms them into valuable insights for accurate marketing measurement and optimisation! It’s called ‘Conversion Modelling’ and is the next generation of attribution modelling and enhances in platform optimisation.
  2. Percept is an exciting new Paid Media benchmarking solution that helps advertisers maximise digital investments and budgets across Paid Search, Paid Social and Programmatic. The platform connects directly to digital media accounts, determines where structure, settings and management are sub-optimal, and prescribes how to improve them to increase ROAS. Say good bye to out of date audits, and hello to always on auditing!
  3. Lunio is a performance marketing efficiency platform that eliminates fake traffic across all ad channels, allowing you to focus 100% of your budget on audiences with genuine conversion potential. No more wasted spend. No more worthless traffic. And no more guesswork.


Digital Underground - curated by Bright Signals and chaired by David Craik, MD, Bright Signals

Pulling back the curtain on Scotland’s digital underground. Hear from five carefully curated organisations who might not be on the radar of most marketing practitioners, but who are doing amazing and globally significant work with digital technologies, right here in Scotland. The session will include both highly practical examples alongside some mind- bending moments; the idea being to broaden our perspective beyond the world of marketing and to remind ourselves that you don’t need to look far to find world-class organisations and experts.

Our line-up includes:

TrackGenesis is a leading blockchain development and consulting firm based in Aberdeen. Their technology enables transparency and traceability and has been successfully deployed in various industries, including supply chain management, NFT integration, certificate verification and extending to IoT devices.
Speaker Rajesh Kumar Plamthottathil, is TrackGenesis Founder and CEO, and an accomplished Certified Blockchain Architect with over 20 years of coding experience. Rajesh has made significant contributions to the field of blockchain technology. Alongside his leadership at TrackGenesis, he also holds a part-time position as a lecturer at Robert Gordon University's School of Computing, where he teaches blockchain courses.

Konglomerate Games is a Dundee-based company which creates video games that help people, by taking the best parts of gaming and applying them to non-game scenarios like healthcare and education. Their games have been played over 6 million times in the past year alone and range from physiotherapy games for children with cystic fibrosis to medical training games. Their speciality lies in working with experts outside the field of games to solve a problem.
Speaker Jamie Bankhead is Konglomerate Games’ CEO. He helped start Konglomerate Games straight out of Abertay University and has helped grow the team from 4 right up to 10 full time staff in only two years.

SENSEcity is an immersive technology start-up based in Glasgow, which specialises in the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) experiences for the cultural heritage and tourism sectors. They design and develop creative content and software products that bring those environments to life and inspire visitors. A core part of SENSEcity is telling stories in innovative ways through an undiscovered lens. By combining engineering and innovation, they take culturally rich locations and bring new life to them.​
Speaker Pooja Katara is SENSEcity’s founder and director. Pooja’s interest is in the relationship between people, places and spaces. Following a Master's in Architectural Studies at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA), she has grown SENSEcity from a one-product company to an immersive design studio that has won awards from Scottish Edge, Innovate UK, Converge Creative and Creative Informatics Challenge.

Pasabi is a fraud detection platform based in Edinburgh. Pasabi’s technology combines AI, behavioural analytics and pattern detection to identify patterns of suspicious behaviour and classify multiple fraud threats. Their fraud intelligence highlights fraud rings and the most prolific offenders, providing evidence to enforce against bad actors, fake reviews, scams, counterfeit and fake accounts.
Speaker John Hornell began at the forefront of developing digital services back in 1997, as part of the management team at the web agency BlackID. He set up his own marketing agency Brightfire in 2003, successfully running the business for 12 years, becoming a very early Hubspot partner and earning International Partner of the Year in 2011. Since 2015 John has consulted to software and SaaS companies on marketing strategy and digital transformation. In 2022, he joined Pasabi as VP Growth.

Changing Day is a Glasgow-based games studio that is exploring the virtual world to bring change in the real world, by harnessing the potential of VR to create games that entertain and support autistic players all over the world. Their first title BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space is a VR game specifically designed for autistic people, one they want to play because it is fun, but which incorporates real life scenarios to help the player cope with everyday life. Changingday now employs 8 full time staff plus three consultants, and has a policy of employing autistic people where possible.
Speaker Nick Lang had over 35 years’ experience in advertising before starting Changingday with wife Alison. He was an award-winning creative director, working on major campaigns for national and international clients including the Scottish Government, Bank of Scotland, Shell, BP and many others. In 2017 Nick and Alison were running their own ad agency when they came up with the idea of a VR game for autistic people. Eighteen months later they closed the agency to focus fully on bringing the game to life. Nick and Alison have three children, including an autistic daughter who is now 27.

1:00pm – 1:40pm        

Lunch Break in the Atrium

1:40pm – 2:10pm

Tom Head, Web3

What the fuck is Web3?

This talk will give you a complete overview of Web3. It starts with some of the key drivers and a history of money over the last 5,000 years in under 5 minutes. Then the core elements of Web3 are explained in simple, easy to understand descriptions and analogies before we look at some real world use cases. At the end you will be able to explain Web3 to your friends over dinner and look like you know exactly what you're talking about.

2:10pm 2:40pm 

Charlotte Williams, multi-award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of SevenSix Agency

What is inclusive marketing and how do you create an inclusive environment?

This session will help you understand diversity & inclusion and what it means for marketing. We will look at inclusive marketing strategy actions, creating inclusive content and how to create authentic connections with minority groups.

2:40pm – 3:10pm

Nicole Christensen, EMEA Integrated Marketing Director at Bumble

The Bumble Journey

Nicole will share the Bumble journey so far and explore the challenges and opportunities of launching a tech brand in different markets globally. She’ll touch on their process for growth – how they identify potential markets and importantly how they successfully navigate the nuances of both tech and culture across multiple countries, with a focus on APAC.

3:10pm – 3:30pm

Refreshment Break  

3:30pm – 4:00pm


Paddy Loughman, independent strategy consultant

The climate crisis and the positive actions agency leaders, brands and clients can take to move towards a greener future.

Paddy has spent the last decade working as a market researcher, innovation consultant, and brand consultant across a wide range of sectors, most recently as Strategy Director at Wolff Olins. He is now taking various steps to encourage action on the climate and ecological emergency, focused in particular on the role business and culture can play in transforming our prospects. This includes working with the Climate Champions Office within the UK Government and UNFCCC, the Environmental Funders Network, the Wellbeing Economy Alliance and Green Economy Coalition, Extinction Rebellion and Purpose Disruptors.

4:00pm – 4:30pm


Live Podcast from Stage: Takeouts from the Day

In this live recording of the Leading Conversations podcast series, Barry Fearn, Managing Director of Lane Media, is joined by Anya Subberwal from Republic of Media and Megan Reid, Digital Account Director at Weber Shandwick for a lively discussion around takeouts and learnings from the day.

4:30pm – 5:00pm

AJ Coyne, Head of Global Brand & Creative, Klarna

Klarna – Shaking up the World of Shopping

Klarna's marketing strategy has transformed the online shopping experience. See how this unicorn leveraged performance branding to grow exponentially. Klarna’s fresh marketing and branding strategy was a pivotal point in its efforts to gain market share and establish a strong foothold in an otherwise saturated marketplace, creating a brand that consumers have come to connect with. AJ will share the story of Klarna and some of their ground breaking campaigns.

5:00pm  - 5:10pm

Wrap Up and Close with Sophie

5:10pm – 6:00pm

EVENT ENDS – networking drinks