Speaker interview with Nicole Christensen

Director of EMEA Integrated Marketing, Bumble

1. Can you tell us a little about what your day-to-day job looks like at Bumble?

I lead all region-wide strategies, media and brand work in EMEA. This has also included global brand and cultural campaigns. I additionally specialise in launching new markets, with new market expansion sitting within my remit - successfully launching Bumble in France and now focusing on conquering Southern Europe. 

2. What’s been the steepest learning curve you’ve experienced from your time in the industry so far?

It would definitely be adapting to more of a “work from home” culture during the lockdown and after. I wasn’t aware how much I and the team utilised side-of-desk conversations to speed up decision-making. It made me realise how valuable in-person brainstorms and informal chats are, so I try to go into the office at least once a week for some face-to-face team time.

3. Tell us about your favourite ad campaign, social campaign or commercial. Why does it stand out for you?

The Bodyform #wombstories ad always makes me feel emotional as they give such a raw view of the female experience. Bodyform’s work is consistently stand-out and brave and I find it inspiring to see how they avoid cliches by using women that represent society in their adverts, which also helps their content resonate with a mass audience. 

4. In the 9 years since its set up, Bumble has grown to over 45 million users. How did Bumble leverage digital platforms to stand out in a saturated market?

Bumble is a values-driven company and this affects every element of what we do and our decision-making. I think consumers can see that. We were built on the idea that when dating is better for women, it’s better for everyone. Bumble became famous for being the app where “women make the first move”, the reason we started this is that when women set the tone upfront, it sets the tone for the whole relationship. And now we’re more than a dating app – we're a social networking app empowering women in dating, friendship and business. 

5. On a personal level, where do you draw inspiration from?

Female creators! I’m definitely drawn more to novels by female authors and am currently reading Circe by Madeline Miller. I’m also a fan of anything Shondaland and am re-watching “Scandal” right now. To make sure I’m staying close to our customers I regularly listen to podcasts where young women call in for dating advice, I never miss an episode of “It’s Me Tinx, Live”. 

In terms of when I get my best ideas or most effectively problem solve - it’s usually when I’m on a treadmill.


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