Accelerate: The Marketing Leadership Masterclass - 100 Days to More Influence

Streaming Globally over 12 weeks, starting on, 7 April, 9am to 12pm

The Marketing Society presents: The Marketing Leadership Masterclass by premier marketing leadership expert Thomas Barta — featuring one of marketing's pre-eminent leaders, Syl Saller CBE.

A complete marketing leadership class

Split into 12 modules, the powerful Marketing Leadership Masterclass curriculum combines the world’s largest studies on marketers’ success with effective organisational change-strategies taught by McKinsey and top global business schools. At the core: practical ideas that are proven to transform your leadership.

Perfect for people with a busy schedule

Take your Marketing Leadership Masterclass lectures on demand. All 12 modules are divided into bite-size lectures with videos, questions, and readings. Find fresh content each week. We’ll pace you via email and even SMS (optional). In only 12 weeks, learn how to lead bosses, peers, teams, and yourself.

Collaboration at the heart of the class

From day one, you’ll join a powerful network of peers. You’ll get 100 days of access to our unique Marketing Leadership Masterclass platform, where you can ask questions, give advice, and even form groups. Together, find new ways to build more influence, resilience, and business success. Learn how to lead marketing in turbulent times.


Become an influential change leader

Driving change inside organizations
Proving your work’s relevance
Getting more resources
Getting colleagues on board

Building teams of leaders
Inspiring change
Making yourself indispensable
Achieving real business impact


The price of this Masterclass is £870 per person, or £780 for 5+ people or £695 for 10+ people each. To find out more and sign up to the class, head here.



Streaming Globally over 12 weeks, starting on