Seven soundbites from our global conversation

Following the success of our inaugural global conversation, we gathered leaders from all seven of our hubs together once again, to share personal and business insights around COVID-19 that we could learn from across the world. 

The standout theme was that from consumers to colleagues, people come first and that post-pandemic, it's up to marketers to ensure that humanity remains at the centre of our businesses. 

Consumers will be more demanding, considered and discerning with their choices. How brands engage and inspire will be recognised and remembered; consumers will support the brands who are doing the right thing and continue to after the crisis.
Craig Inglis, (Formerly) John Lewis

Make fun a core business value. Now more than ever, we're stuck to our screens and without fun, people will burn out faster. Engage your employees, get their families involved - make work something people enjoy.
Juhie Gorwara, Philips

Appreciate people as a whole and not simply as an employee. The days of not trusting people to work from home are gone. In content creation, the production value may not be the same, but the impact could be bigger. Be creative and nimble.
Adriana Rizzo, Discovery Inc 
(New York)

The partnership ecosystem has been turned on its head and opened new areas for meaningful collaboration. With a leap of faith and some imagination, you can reap brilliant results. 
Mike Fairburn, Sony Music Entertainment 

This is not the selling moment, it's the serving moment. We’re in the same storm, but not on the same boat - everyone is at different points in the crisis. Be vulnerable and lead in a way that allows you and your team to learn together.
Xiaowei Liu, Shell

Be more conscientious. Working from home, the corporate facade has dropped ad we've dialled up the check-ins on employee mental health. In the banking sector, we're supporting the customers who need upskilling in digital.
Karl Gregory, HSBC Asia Pacific 
(Hong Kong)

The people you work with are the most important commodity you have. The collective people in the organisation are the ones that most often have the answers - harness that, and it can empower all levels to speak up and collaborate.
Derek Hemphill, RBS