TMP Report

The annual B2B marketing effectiveness barometer

By The Marketing Practice

We are delighted to bring you The Marketing Practice’s Annual B2B Marketing Effectiveness Barometer 

The report set out to uncover what makes an effective B2B marketer, and what separates the best in this field from the rest, and it delivered some surprising findings. 

Over 800 B2B marketers were surveyed from across the US, UK, Germany and Australia. The report revealed that even as the world economy continues to face turbulence and uncertainty, B2B marketers are feeling overwhelmingly positive and optimistic about the future. B2B marketing seems to be maturing into a key commercial function, accountable for strategic growth, with evidence of a welcome return to long-term thinking and investment compared to the short-termism of the pandemic.

5 Key Takeaways

You’ll find further in-depth analysis of this and more to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We’ve given you a little taster, now you can read the full report for yourself here or download the PDF below.


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