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- getting more women in to sport tech

TeamViewer, a leading remote connectivity and support solutions provider, has launched a new initiative with their agency partner WeAreFearless to encourage more women to consider a career in sport tech.

Currently, according to research from leading organisation Women in Sports Technology, 75% of roles within the sport tech industry, are held by men. Unsurprisingly, this gap is then felt in how little female perspectives are incorporated into how technology is designed and deployed in the context of sport.

Tech and sport work better with a diversity of talent

SheSportTech is designed to address the lack of women working in sport technology roles by providing role models for women who might be considering a career in the sector. Leveraging their sports partnerships with Manchester United FC and Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One team, TeamViewer’s SheSportTech casts a light on the variety of sports tech roles performed by women within the two organisations.

From Head of Cyber Security at Manchester United to Head of Race Strategy at Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team, the role models break down their journeys and provide insight and inspiration.

Conceived by sports and entertainment marketing agency WeAreFearless, the creative campaign that promotes the initiative, highlights the importance of those on the pitch as well as those off it in making the club a success. Players from the women’s team were photographed alongside members of the female tech staff, to highlight their equally vital roles at the club. The campaign launched with a bang at the Manchester United vs Liverpool game at Old Trafford, where the East Stand of the stadium proudly brandished the SheSportTech creative.

Supporting women choosing a sport tech career

As well as accessing inspirational stories from women already in the industry, the initiative offers tangible support for women who want to get closer to a career in sports technology through the SheSportTech Pathway. Winners of the SheSportTech Pathway get paired up with women already thriving in this sector, who can guide them and champion their careers in this space. They are also provided with a €1,500 grant to put towards any development opportunities (training courses, certifications) in the industry.

On Tuesday 18th June, in conjunction with initiative partner WiST (Women in Sports Technology), TeamViewer will host a webinar where industry leaders will be discussing the benefits of working in the industry. “Entering the exciting world of Sports Tech” is free to attend and you can register here. For more details on the initiative and how to apply to the SheSportTech Pathway, please visit

Written by Garry Dods, Founder and MD WeAreFearless

Published on 29 May 2024


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