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How to Love SMBs (and make them love you back)

The backbone of business. The lifeblood of the economy. The heartbeat of Britain. Call them what you want, SMBs matter. But understanding what makes small businesses tick and how you can best work with them can be hard yards.

Publicis Pro Chief Strategy Officer Billy Hamilton-Stent gets under the skin of SMBs in Britain, investigating the psychology of the SMB, what marketing works for them, and what certain SMB archetypes really care about.

In this report, Publicis Pro covers essential strategies for unlocking the potential of Small and Medium-sized Businesses in B2B marketing. Key topics include:

  • Segmentation Strategies: Moving beyond data points to align strategies with business essence
  • Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: Crafting effective engagement through balanced approaches
  • Buyer Behaviour: Understanding "Lookers & Bookers" to tailor marketing messages
  • Humanising SMBs: Using real stories to reveal aspirations, challenges, and motivations
  • Building Authentic Relationships: Balancing broad communication with individualised needs
  • Embracing the Extraordinary: Encouraging businesses to move beyond compromise and create lasting impacts

Read the full report here.

Publicis Pro are part of Publicis Groupe UK, a partner of The Marketing Society

Authored by Billy Hamilton-Stent Publicis Pro Chief Strategy Officer

Published on 8 July 2024


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