From Good to Great: Improving the Odds Thinkbox

From Good to Great: Improving the Odds

Raising the standard of UK advertising creative: barriers, best practice and actions.

Thinkbox has launched a white paper for those who want to translate their belief in the enduring power of great creative into practical next steps.

Study after study shows that creativity is one of the most powerful drivers of advertising effectiveness, offering huge commercial advantages. But it seems to be harder than ever to turn that theory into practice across the modern marketing mix.

Commissioned by Thinkbox and based on an extensive programme of deep-dive interviews with senior creative practitioners – CMOs and their agency peers – “From good to great” distils a vast pool of wisdom and experience to discuss how to set up agency and client relationships for creative success.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The most common working barriers to advertising creativity, as identified by client and agency leaders
  • A seven-point guide to creative development best practice
  • Practical actions that clients and agencies can take to improve the odds

This white paper does not pretend to be the answer to cracking creativity, but it does have answers, and we hope it proves to be a useful touchstone at many different times – be that when embarking on a new creative relationship or assessing a current one. It’s in everyone’s interest for commercial creativity to thrive.

Download the full report here.

From Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK. 


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