Interview with Ian Greenhill

Studio Something is a lean, progressive and passionate creative business that thrives on partnerships and collaboration that launched in 2014 by duo Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird.

Studio Something have worked with a variety of clients including Tennent's, See Me and Glasgow Science Centre and won Gold in the Public Sector category of the 2017 Star Awards.


When did the dynamic duo of Studio Something first meet? 

Jordan and I met at The Leith Agency before we set up our own content agency, Studio Something in 2014. The company has since grown to offer creative, digital, social, production and now has its own venture arm.

When did you guys know that you were on to something?

I think Jordan and I like creating simple ideas that people get. So whenever people genuinely connect with an idea, we feel like we are onto something.

What brands are you most impressed by at the moment?

Established brands are being taught a thing or two by fast-paced new brands such as Karma Kola, Frank face club, Patagonia – in that people are no longer just convinced by savvy marketing. Brands need to have depth and purpose and if the product isn’t good, there’s no getting past that. Product is king these days.

You’ve worked with some fabulous clients! What have been your favourite projects to work on and why?

We enjoyed sending a teacake into space for Glasgow Science Centre, talking about mental health for See Me, doing a cartoon for Tennent’s and letting folk steal Innis & Gunn glasses and filming them! We’re lucky to work with clients who want to do good stuff.

What’s on the horizon for Studio Something?

We’ve growing daily, and just got seed funding for our first proper venture, Welbot. We’ve just secured a contract with possibly the biggest brand in the world and we’re moving to a bigger studio. 2018 is going to make or break us!!!

Bestow your finest piece of wisdom, in a nutshell.

If you want to win every match, invent your own sport!

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