The future of women and consumer tech

women and consumer tech

Together, women are poised to reshape our relationship to apps, gaming, wearables and more.

So here are six takeaways, consumer technology brands should take on board when targeting women:

Avoid stereotypes

Women are just as likely as men to use technology, from video games to smartwatches. Brands should make sure their tech strategies are relevant to women.

Get the female perspective

Encouraging women in STEM fields means more women are present on product design teams, which makes it easier to design products that women actually want to buy.

Show some emotion

Although women are interested in using wearables to track wellness, their definition of ‘wellness’ includes an emotional component  – a market that is just beginning to develop.

Appeal to the next generation

For the next generation, which is growing up both tech-savvy and defiant of gender roles, it’s especially important to create products and marketing that appeal to girls as well as boys.

Don’t make it pink

Don’t take men’s tech then; make it ‘cute’ and try to sell it to women. Women want products created with their unique needs, from health to safety, in mind. (Although good design never hurts.)

Nothing is off-limits

As women move to un-taboo everything from menstruation to bladder control, the stigma attached to period-related technology and similar products is disappearing.

This article originally appeared in our January issue of Market Leader