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The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto

Join the movement and use marketing as a force for good

Our view is that there’s no one better placed to affect change, align with and influence customers and drive hope for a better, more sustainable future, than an ‘educated and aware’ responsible marketer.

If you agree and want to join our movement to use marketing as a force for good - and want to commit and align with the commitments below - simply sign our Manifesto - we liken it to a ‘Hippocratic Oath’ for marketers. We’re all in this together. And it’s only together that we can drive significant change.

The 3 Commitments of a Sustainable Marketer:

  1. I commit to using my marketing skills as a force for good acting responsibly with full transparency and honesty when it comes to messaging, communication and creative. My role is to communicate with clarity the truth of a brand or organisation I am responsible to ‘market’, rather than sharing the best ‘version of the truth ’ – which could be misconstrued as misleading (greenwashing / purpose-washing / mislabelling) and most certainly doesn’t align with transparency and honesty.
  2. I commit to continuous education around the climate crisis, ethical and sustainable marketing using these critical areas as a lens through which to operate. My responsibility is to educate myself and commit to continually staying curious and alert, so that I can create meaningful and innovative solutions and share knowledge to meet the needs of stakeholders, whilst wholly respecting the planet.
  3. I commit to working across the business to support, address, and courageously call out and challenge any areas where more progress in these critical areas is needed and isn’t being addressed. My responsibility is to educate others so that collectively we can create meaningful and innovative solutions and shared knowledge to meet the needs of stakeholders, whilst wholly respecting the planet - and to courageously scrutinise and challenge plans, products, campaigns, agency / supplier relationships and communications that I consider fall outside of my sustainable marketer manifesto.

The full Manifesto can be found on the Can Marketing Save the Planet Website, alongside a range of resources to support you with your Sustainable Marketer Manifesto Commitments, podcasts, blogs and more.


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