Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Our Pledge

The Marketing Society Scotland Advisory Board has created an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Taskforce which has developed a range of objectives detailed below as Our Pledge.

We believe speaker panel make-up is an important consideration in ensuring diversity of representation and thinking at our events and supporting minority representation in the discipline of marketing.
We will endeavour to feature diverse speakers and panels, ensuring wherever possible a mix of representation across a few dimensions, including gender, race, and age. 

We will also ensure our events are as accessible as possible – taking venue access into consideration, online streaming for those who cannot attend events in person and reducing affluence barriers to participation. 

We will continue to encourage Scotland’s young people of all backgrounds to consider a career in marketing, reducing class or education-related barriers to entering the profession.

Our Advisory Board and newly established Future Leaders Advisory Group (FLAG) will be at the forefront of our EDI agenda and will hold the Society to account.

We want to support and promote the intersectional nature of our membership in line with our vision to build a vibrant marketing community, renowned for enlightened thinking, innovation, and creativity.


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