Empowering Programme and CPD Promotion

Over recent years the Marketing Society Scotland has developed a range of events designed to empower marketers to be informed with insights to our industry, aware of new trends and inspired by some of our Business Leaders. These events are free or discounted to members who also get priority booking. Non-members can buy remaining tickets for these events.

Future Leaders 
Hosted by Business Leader members providing personal insights to their careers and what they believe it takes to be an effective leader.

Inspiring Minds 
Highly regarded speakers are invited to inspire our guests on a wide range of key industry subjects.

Hosted by leading agency members to explore new trends, tools and techniques.

Industry Insights
Hosted by leading client members offering insights to their industry sector, their organisations and specific projects.

Look out for updates on our Empowering Events programme each week in our What’s Going On emails.

CPD Promotion
Members attending these events will be rewarded by one of our new “I’m On It” notepads to take notes. Each time they bring their notepad to another event in our empowering programme they can claim an “Earn Your Stripes” pen. Once a member has attended 3 events from our Empowering Programme they can request an “I’m On It” email signature by contacting us.

Thanks to the Orb Group our Merchandise Partner for supplying our “I’m On It” notepads and our “Earn Your Stripes” pens and to Multiply for their design work.