JWT Intelligence

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence is a new specialized practice at the J. Walter Thompson Company, offering a unique blend of research, innovation and data analytics across its 
global network.

J. Walter Thompson Intelligence is a platform housing three key in-house practices: SONAR™, Analytics, and the Innovation Group.

Available as a suite or in any combination, 
these three practices provide J. Walter Thompson Company clients with essential insight, inspiration, trends forecasting, data and analysis on a global scale.


From treating depression to achieving a deeper understanding of consciousness, psychedelic drugs are gaining mainstream recognition, perhaps following in the
A space usually dominated by male athletes, male commentators and male-oriented brands and beer sponsors: women’s professional sports are taking

As Southeast Asia rapidly urbanizes from farming communities to pressure-cooker cities, mental health awareness is rising.

With gen Zers confessing to a dip in confidence during puberty, brands are now finding novel ways to better the

New omnivores, byproduct brands and algae. This piece is by Lucie Greene of JWT's Innovation Group.

Stool banking, sound healing and healthonism. This piece is by Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of JWT's Innovation Group.