Jon Williams

Founder, The Liberty Guild

The Liberty Guild is not a 'different kind of agency'. It's not an agency. It’s a Guild. It’s about the craftspeople, the quality, and the work. A worldwide curated platform that commissions, creates and produces high quality creative ideas. We host a distributed community of the very best creatives & strategists in the world, who we connect directly with Fortune 500 clients. We match them with briefs according to their unique skill sets, and deliver the work through a re-engineered process we call Decoupled Creative ™. Our clients simply buy the services they need, when they need them. No agency of record. No overheads. And no armies of project management, because we all know technology can take the strain there. Yes our new model makes us faster, and more cost effective, but above all. The work is better.

I started above the line, when there was one, then spent 10 years travelling through digital, before arriving at Grey London, as the first 'digital native’ in the UK to run a traditional advertising creative department. I developed the first genuinely interactive TV ad ever broadcast, the first mobile enabled posters, the world's first crowd-sourced, co-created long-form film. And, of course, the iPint, the world's first native branded application for the iPhone, the most popular FMCG app of all time. My personal work has won over 300 international awards, including Cannes, D&AD and Effies, and I’ve either sat on or been chairman of pretty much every international and local jury there is, including D&AD & Cannes Lions multiple times.

I began the creative re-boot of Grey London in 2007, did the ‘hard yards’ that led to it’s transformative success, and then moved on to creatively transform Grey EMEA into the best performing region, year after year, of the Global Agency of the Year. I also deployed a 2000 strong pan-EMEA co-creation platform that allowed us to put the best team on the right job regardless of the constraints of geography. And out of all that. The Liberty Guild was born. 


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