Speaker interview with Jo Halliday

Founder, Talking Medicines

What does a typical day look like for you?

Like everyone my routines have changed post pandemic, I no longer go into the office every day. I head in to meet with colleagues two or three days a week. I travel to New Jersey most months to set up our US office so that also creates a dynamic work pattern. My typical day has a short team catch up, a purge on tasks to get done that have been scheduled for the day, zoom meetings with colleagues and /or with customers. We are pretty outward facing so I spend a lot of time talking to people helping us on our journey. It's fair to say that most days are very different!

What can AI teach us about what it means to be creative?

At Talking Medicines, we believe that AI is a partner of creativity.  Using AI in the overall process frees up precious time to spend on the creative process rather than on time-consuming research. Good creative relies on very solid insights and AI engines harness and detect patterns and signals to be able to structure insights at scale. Machine models will spot patterns that humans are unable to do. Through broad collection of data in real time this democratizes access to a far deeper spread of opinion. We believe that is a significant win for the creative process.

What is next in the space of AI?

I get excited about the realms of prediction & AI for Talking Medicines; technology has a huge opportunity to add significant value to the marketing process.  The ability to train on historical data sets and then forecast likely behavior is a massive opportunity.   Importantly prediction can also support the drive toward better patient outcomes.  I enjoy working in the health space because healt is so critical; coming out of the pandemic the opportunity to be part of pushing the boundaries further on what AI can achieve in the health space will be so exciting. We are witnessing the move toward limitless data in a contactless society, so the opportunities for AI are vast. 

On a personal level, where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw my work inspiration from the success of others. I love being part of the Scottish tech community which is very vibrant and seeing others push boundaries and scale their business. At the same time on the public global stage the likes of Elon Musk & the entrepreneurs who have the power and resources to impact society now are inspiring. Being a female entrepeneur I also enjoy seeing boundaries being pushed in life sciences and technology where top roles have to date been male dominated but change is happening.

Can you give us any insight into any new projects you're working on at Talking Medicines?

We have a great new feature being developed which really drills into Opinion Mapping for patients on medicines; we have used our ML/NLP models to get to the point where we can accurately give the "word on the street" from patients, with opinions widely sourced from public social platforms. We know its actionable, fast & very relevant to agencies wanting to keep their fingers on the pulse on patient experience.  We have a full pipeline of new features buzzing through.



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