Keep Calm and Get Creative with Chris Barez-Brown [webinar]

Webinar, 26 March, 12pm to 1pm

Our new series is called Keep Calm And...

…Get Connected
…Get Inspired
…Get Motivated
and the first one is Get Creative.

Chris Baréz-Brown, founder of Upping Your Elvis has some unique views on how we can take this unique opportunity to grow and come out stronger and raring to go.

By getting our energy right and playing some games with how we process and connect with others; we’ll be in a better place for everything we need to do and will be ready surf the wave of change, every day.

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The way we're working is changing at warp-speed, so it's more important than ever that we learn new ways of getting our energy right and connecting more deeply as humans!

The #BeMoreElvis videos are a series of short films featuring simple behaviours that will have a huge impact on your work and life, helping you to embrace the changes that are going on all around and come out raring to go...

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Podcast and video

You can also listen to this session as a podcast via soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. And you can watch the webinar of the session below too.


Chris Baréz-Brown

Founder, Upping Your Elvis
Keep Calm And Get Creative | webinar with Chris Barez-Brown


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