Inspiring Minds: Gamification, Growth & Generation Next

Streaming Live from Scotland, 18 November, 2pm to 3pm

Gamification, Growth & Generation Next – how you can use gamification to truly engage with your audience in an interactive but affective way?

Gamification is when you apply techniques and concepts from games to your marketing strategy and increasingly brands are looking at integrating this to their approach to increase engagement. But what are the benefits of gamification and should it be something that you consider? 

This session will look at how gamification can be successfully used to increase customer engagement, improve conversion and help brand awareness and brand loyalty increase as visitors interact more with your content.

Of course, it wouldn't be true gamification if you didn't get a chance to try it yourself?

During the session, Gary McCartan from Pocketsized will invite you to try it out first-hand. Pocket Sized Hands is a software and games company based Dundee, They make fun and immersive augmented, virtual reality games and experiences.  They have worked with a wide range of organisations and brands to help build engaging experiences.  For Poppy Scotland they created an interactive VR world where you could visit Lady Haig's factory and gain an insight into the men and women who work there. They worked with Cambridge University, to create a mobile game that educates players about the life of a stem cell researcher and the care giving aspects of stem cell research.

Gary will talk about some of their case studies and the benefits of this approach to using VR, AI and gamification.

Also speaking at the event is Sarah Curds, Director at Director at She is a UX and digital marketing practitioner, trainer, and speaker with 20yrs experience. Andragogy has developed a suite of EdTech products with gamification at its core to engage learners and embed new learning. Using a series of interactive games and touchpoints on their app, LMS platform, and virtual coach system, they benchmark each person's digital marketing and/or data analytics skills within your workforce against a set of recognised industry standards to develop custom learning paths and deliver engaging learning courses and programmes. 

The session is free for members and £25 for non-members. 

Many thanks to Edrington for their continued support of the Inspiring Minds series. 


Gary McCartan

CEO, Pocket Sized Hands

Sarah Curds

Owner / Training and Operations Director,



Streaming Live from Scotland