Can Personalisation and Privacy Co-Exist?

In partnership with Meta

The Conduit, 15 February, 8:30am to 10:30am

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Today, brands are challenged to strike the right balance between privacy and personalisation.

People want rich connectivity, relevant experiences and the ability to discover content that will inspire them. They also expect (and deserve) to have their privacy respected.

So, in order to advertise effectively, can privacy and personalisation truly coexist?

We’ve teamed up with Meta (previously known as Facebook) for a breakfast debate to explore all sides of the conversation.

Join us to watch professional debaters argue opposing sides of the conversation, hear our panel’s perspectives and opinions, and discover solutions for your organisation on how data can fuel ad-supported services in a way that respects users’ privacy.

It’s set to be a fascinating morning of debate, education and networking.

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The Conduit
6 Langley Street, WC2H 9JA, United Kingdom