Brave Awards 2020

Join us 29 July for our first ever virtual awards night

Streaming live from London, 29 July, 6pm to 8pm

We're pleased to announce our Brave Awards 2020 is 'virtually' going ahead this 29 July

See what we did there? Genuinely though, we're excited to announce that from 6-8pm on 29 July we'll be hosting our first ever virtual Brave Awards ceremony. And considering our awards started way back in 1985 we'll be damned if we'll let a pandemic stop us celebrating the bravest and the best marketing out there.

Indeed, this year's shortlist is the definition of brave — pushing boundaries and tackling taboos, with campaigns around sexual pleasure (Durex Naturals), blood banks (LADbible), LGBTQ+ living (Coca-Cola) and vulvas (Bodyform/Libresse), to name a few.

Our host

Ade Adepitan MBE is TV presenter, journalist, author and former international Paralympic wheelchair basketball player. Having survived polio as a youngster, Ade has since succeeded as an international Paralympic wheelchair basketball player and has built up a wealth of Broadcasting experience. Flashback to his early presenting days and some of you may remember him from the CBBC series X-­‐Change and the BBC ‘dancing wheelchairs’ idents.

An instantly recognisable face, Ade has travelled the world for his work including the BBC’s internationally known Travel Show exploring the history and cultures behind the globe’s most enticing countries.

The night

There are just 150 tickets available, and each attendee will get an interactive experience. By this we mean you will:

Be able to mingle and network with guests and message guests (in rooms and directly)
Be invited to private rooms of pre-assigned guests, where you can network and socialise before the show
Be able to move between rooms, including private rooms if the host of the room allows you in




Ade Adepitan MBE

TV Presenter, Journalist and Author

Get to know our speaker(s)

The Journalist Ade Adepitan and 'The Travel Show' cameras visited The Sustainable City in Dubai to explore the concept that is working on reducing Dubai's ecological footprint.



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Streaming live from London