Be the Hero [webinar]

Hosted in Hong Kong

Streaming live from Hong Kong, 16 April, 4pm to 5pm

Our world faces significant troubles. Our atmosphere is heating up at an alarming rate. Our polar ice caps are melting. Some of our most beloved species are near extinction, and so much more. 

On Thursday 16 April, 4pm (SGT/HGT), 9am (BST) we are hosting a webinar with Matt Friedman, CEO, Mekong Club, who is launching a global campaign entitled Be the Hero. The aim of the campaign is to engage, inspire and motivate ordinary people to accept some responsibility for this world and to do something – anything. 

In this session Matt will discuss how he believes there is heroism within each and every one of us and collective actions have the greatest chance of impact – an army of ordinary people working together can change the world. 

Will you step up and help to address the issues of our time? 

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Matt Friedman

CEO, The Mekong Club
Where were you? | Matt Friedman | TEDxWanChaiWomen


Streaming live from Hong Kong
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