Brave, braver, bravest.

What does it really mean to be brave?

There are few events where I’ve walked away with a genuine spring in my step, and a list of things that I know I could take back to work. Suffice to say that I thought The Marketing Society Bravest Conference was a truly inspirational day. Below are some of my key outtakes from the day.

Brave, braver, bravest. But what does it really mean to be brave? 

Bravery has an inherent cost, something has to be surrendered. Moments of bravery matter - it’s not a nice to have, its a must have. To reach beyond what we already know and explore further. To not only make the initial leap of faith, but then to have the grit and determination to stay the course. As marketers we have a continuing responsibility to be brave, challenge the status quo, and speak up and out. 

But how can we instil a culture of bravery? Could writing your own job title based on your strengths be the key to helping you ‘be your best self’ at work? Perhaps my vision to be a Chief Colour and Experience Whizz will be realised someday soon? But it’s not all about the individual acts of bravery. ‘Brits are brilliant’ was a lovely summation that it’s the family, friends and support network that you surround yourself with that allows you to be brave and take risks. Inspire, not require followship.

In a world that is increasingly fast-paced and complex, everyone is busy. Taking time to pause can help us all to create a more balanced rhythm and variation to our days than increasing momentum and speed. 

In summation, a very big thank you to the organisers, amazing speakers and sponsors. I’ve already submitted my request to attend next year!