Act with audacity

Seven learnings from our global conversation

It was a bittersweet affair for the third instalment in our global conversation series, as we said goodbye to our outgoing Chief Executive, Gemma Greaves.

And what a suitably big conversation to end on. The standout lesson was that there's still much learning to be done - and from starting the conversation around the part marketers play in the #BlackLivesMatter movement to thoughts on flexibility, agility and purpose, what we do now will define our future success.

(On collaboration): In crises, there are no pundits who have the recipe. The boundaries between functions and teams have blurred - so listen to peers, think about who has the right skills and knowledge internally and speak to clients. It's not a selling conversation, it's about building relationships. 
Rajesh Kumar, VP & Head of Marketing - India & SAARC, UiPath

(On upskilling): COVID-19 has taught us to be flexible and agile - in a world that will only grow quicker, you need to create space and spend to invest in the long-term. Hold onto your investments and ensure you and your team are future-fit.
Tricia Weener, Global Head of B2B Marketing, HSBC

(On the #BlackLivesMatter movement): All the eyes of the world are on this issue and the onus is on leaders to speak out and create change internally and externally. Consumers will align with companies who share their values. 
Mick Doran, Head of Research, Planning & Brand, Sainsbury's Bank

(On the economy): What brings momentum back into society is consumer confidence. If there’s any discipline that encourages people to go out and spend, to adapt new behaviours, it’s marketing - we can’t underestimate our role.
Asad Rehman, Director Media & Digital Transformation, MENA, Unilever

(On teamwork): Look for the silver lining in the crisis. Crises leads to connectivity; people coming together to solve the same problem. Be bold, be brave and look for the ways we can bring human beings together to progress.
Michelle Froah, SVP Global Marketing Strategy & Sciences, MetLife Inc
(New York)

(On the future): The role of marketers is going to be more important than ever in reshaping, building back better and getting things right at the right pace. In the words of Barbe-Nicole Clicquot: The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow. One must go before others, be determined and exacting, and let your intelligence direct your life."
Sophie Devonshire, New Chief Executive, The Marketing Society