12 Powers of a Marketing Leader

A review of 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader with Thomas Barta

As someone who enjoys attending talks on a variety of topics – I always ask myself the same three questions: 

Was I inspired?
Is there anything practical I can do now?
Have I learnt anything that will change my behaviour in the long-term?

As long as the talk nails at least one, it was worth it. It’s not many I go to that mange more than one… well Thomas Barta managed to score a hat-trick.

His incredibly honest, funny and evocative presentation neatly summarised all the challenges we face as marketeers, whilst presenting an inspirational change of mindset: 

Moving from thinking 'I must work harder to have more influence' to 'I must influence harder to have more success.'

So how do we supercharge our influencing skills? Barta had some very practical top tips for both the immediate and more challenging longer-term changes: 

  1. How powerful would it be if we all considered our companies like our consumers and ourselves as brands? Would that change how you communicated with your teams?
  2. How are you communicating internally? Are you listening to all stakeholders? Are you hitting their head and the heart? How do you show the fire in your eyes? You can’t inspire people if you’re not inspired.
  3. Are you tackling big issues? Make sure your goals are in the value creation zone, fulfilling both the needs of Customers & the Business. Have you reviewed how your goals interact with the CMO’s goals?  
  4. Side with the revenue camp – if you’re not seen as driving revenue, you’re a cost; And costs get cut. Make the commercial team your best friend. 

And if that wasn’t enough his Q&A evolved into a live coaching session with participants sharing live situations and him coaching through them showcasing practically how we could implement his tips in our day to day jobs.

I for one cannot wait to delve into Barta’s book

By Rebecca Bottriell, Brand Manager at KFC UK & Ireland 



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