Ignite: Growth Conversations

In partnership with Kantar

Across the world, we are increasingly recognising that business has broader responsibilities than simply increasing shareholder value. It has obligations to its employees, the communities in which it operates and to the planet itself. And while for some, growth has become a dirty word, the truth is that growth is essential for businesses to survive and thrive.  

And we believe the engine of that growth is marketing.

So with our partners Kantar we brought together a group of 23 senior marketers, from very different industries, to discuss how they are driving growth in their organisations. These are marketers at the frontline who have been there and done it and their insights will help create a roadmap to tackle the real brand challenges of today.
The results were fascinating and we are delighted to present them to you in our Ignite: Growth Conversations report which encapsulates and explains the main elements from these discussions.

You can view the report here or download the PDF below.