Top tips for maintaining creativity

5 Principles of Creativity

  1. Always have empathy
  2. Create a safe space
  3. Encourage collaboration between your teams
  4. Use technology to your advantage
  5. Create an inclusive culture 

As a leader 

  • Create space away from the business and set aside time to think
  • Change your environment and get into nature to open your mind
  • Do warm-up exercises to get your creative brain working
  • Ask the right questions of the right people, and encourage opposing views
  • Be informed by your vision and values (both personal and company)

For your teams 

  • Ensure your team has a mix of experience and perspectives
  • Let people work alone and then bring creative ideas to meetings
  • Encourage your team to change up routines
  • Create a space for live interaction
  • Consider peer learning and mentoring

And always remember...

  • People think in different ways
  • Be present
  • Embed creativity into the business


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