Q&A with NHL's Kimberly Davis

Q&A: NHL's Kimberly Davis

Ahead of our New York Braver Conference we spoke to the Executive Vice President of the National Hockey League

How can marketers be braver?
Marketers can be braver by challenging the status quo and speaking out BOLDLY on the issues that are going to impact not only the future of their brands and consumer preferences, behaviour and attitudes, but as importantly, those issues that more broadly impact our society. Marketers are “First Responders” on shaping culture and change – and more power must be exercised by this important group to help educate and advance the realities of our future.

What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career?
Stepping WAY out of my comfort zone and taking a job assignment that I had no previous experience in, no network, and no way back if I wasn’t successful.

Which business leader do you admire most and why?
One of my real heroes is Robert F. Smith,  private equity titan who operates and lives his life at the intersection of his preparation, passions and purpose – Money, Philanthropy and Music.  Robert is a brave and bold leader who is unapologetic about his quest to help make our institutions more reflective of the reality of what the world looks like, and he uses his personal power and resources to lead from the front.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 
Be bold, fearless and courageous in what you do – if not you, then who?…”   (my grandmother, Dr. Rose Butler Browne, (first African American/2nd woman to graduate from Harvard Ed.D in 1929).

Kimberly is speaking at our Braver Conference in New York this 14 November 2018. To find out more about this event head here.

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