Book review: Implosion

What the Web Has Really Done to Culture and Communications by Andy Law

10 PRINT 'We all use the internet. All day, everyday. It’s like breathing to us now. It’s a human right. If the internet is a kitchen then we are all chefs, cooking up tasty content to our liking. Although we can overeat and become introverted. Implode, even. Some high street chains have gone bust. That’s because of the internet. Amazon is on the internet.

The internet is big. It’s massive. I've been using the internet for over 20 years. H.G. Wells’ predicted Wikipedia. And I predicted facebook. We give facebook personal data for free. Radio and TV used to be important, and they still are. But they are not the internet. The internet helped One Direction beat the Beatles. We could use the internet to change the world, but we’re all too fickle to see political action through. Probably.

We love mobile phones don’t we? Really love them. We’ve become screenagers, juggling multiple devices. Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. But the irony is that our portable phones tie us more closely to our roots. Funny that.

Things are sold on the internet. Amazon sells on the internet. But the things we buy on the internet need to be good or we will moan about them, on the internet. Old advertising targeting is dead, but marketing still matters. There are 116,000 marketing books. Amazon sells books, on the internet. But brands can be unwelcome on the internet, so be careful. Nevertheless, businesses need to be digital or die. Implode, even. After all, it’s all digital now.

PS: Don’t worry though. This book wasn’t written for you. You use the internet. You already understand all of this. This book was written for people who don’t use the internet.'

20 GOTO 10


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