2018 winner, Bodyform, GRAND PRIX/purpose driven/marketing comms - case study

2018 winner, Bodyform, GRAND PRIX/purpose driven/marketing comms - case study

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This is what happens when whores and pimps become marketers

When we launched our campaign #bloodnormal in October 2017, we knew we would get some hateful reactions. But you don’t break taboos without triggering visceral negativity. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a taboo.

This case study will tell you the story of how the Bodyform/Libresse (Essity) marketing team managed to galvanise their entire company to think and act more boldly than it could ever have imagined doing in order to bring to life its purpose and make a meaningful difference to its consumers: Women.

It will explain how a great purpose would have meant nothing without the courage and tenacity of a small group of committed people to actively tackle category conventions, break societal taboos, keep challenging attitudes inside and outside the company, and push relentlessly against media bans to establish a new standard in the category, and a new paradigm for women.

And it will provide some lessons we’ve learned along the way, proving why it is worth every fight to truly act purposefully.

  • Campaigns with a limited media investment delivered outstanding earned media value and stealing the #1 social share of voice vs. Always, proving the relevance of our insights for women and society.
  • Redfit and #bloodnormal delivered the biggest cut through in the history of the brand, and smashed norms on brand impact and purchase propensity vs. our other comms.
  • Such purposeful campaigns strengthened the internal commitment within the company, creating passionate advocates who find their job more meaningful than ever.

When your brand platform is “Live Fearless” such disruption.

To register your interest or to find out how to enter the next Excellence Awards visit our Awards site. Login to download the full case study below:

(Please note: parts of this case study may have been redacted for confidentiality purposes.)

Author: The Marketing Society
Posted: 14 Jun 2018
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