2018 commended, HSBC, B2B - case study

2018 commended, HSBC

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is possibly the greatest business opportunity of the 21st century –presaging as it does, the rise of China to the world stage. It is the project to build the infrastructure that will connect China with the rest of the world, and thus stimulate global growth. With over USD8TRN of investment anticipated in Asia alone, it is also a vital opportunity for HSBC and its customers.

But it’s also one that few had heard of and fewer understood.

We set out to illuminate the opportunity for growth so that our customers and prospects could seize the opportunity. We created awareness and relevance on a global scale to C-Suite decision makers in a broad range of businesses.

We set out to make ourselves The Oracle of BRI –the first port of call for everything BRI. This was (and continues to be) and huge and complex task. To engage a broad business audience across multiple countries; on a layered journey through awareness, to education, to sparking conversations that turn into action (and business for HSBC).

The “We know the way” campaign has successfully risen to this challenge –just 6 months into a long-term campaign we can already demonstrate high impact, both globally and locally, with not just increases in awareness and knowledge but also good ROI in terms of incremental BRI revenues.

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