2018 commended, Bayer Aspirin, best outside UK - case study

2018 commended, Bayer Aspirin

In the US, somebody suffers a heart attack every 42 seconds. That is roughly 790,000 heart attacks every year, resulting in 114,000 deaths.

We saw an opportunity for Bayer® Aspirin to make a difference by promoting one of its lesser known indications: its ability to help save a life when taken during a suspected heart attack.

Many people who are vulnerable to a heart attack don’t fully internalize their risk. Instead of trying to convince them to reconsider their own mortality, we shifted our focus.

The HeroSmiths campaign is a call for everyday heroes to step up. It compels people everywhere to carry aspirin so they can intervene in the event that somebody else suffers a suspected heart attack. And thanks to its initial success, more people are already aware and ready to help save a life.

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