A view from the top: featured CEOs and the leadership track

A view from the Top

What is effective leadership today? Is it anything that brings monetary value to a company, or is it about creating a culture where people thrive and have a sense of pride in belonging to the organisation? Today, the biggest challenges facing modern leaders – outside of simultaneously acting as chief spokesperson, policy maker and corporate citizen – come from the unexpected changes in talent, technology and the global marketplace.

During Advertising Week Europe, the Leadership Track will dive into the modern definition of leadership in its many guises.

Some of the biggest names in the industry, ranging anywhere from CEOs and CMOs to creative directors and entrepreneurs, will discuss how and why the most beloved companies today have both vision and purpose which inspires employees to come aboard to be a part of something greater than just the bottom line.

In “CNBC View from the Top,” panelists including CNBC anchor Carolin Roth and Gravity Road founder Mark Eaves discuss how the modern definition of leadership continues to evolve now with today’s talent pool searching for leaders who look at the big picture, and who balance monetisation with vision and purpose.

During “Visual Brand Responsibility in an Increasingly Xenophobic World,” presented by Shutterstock, panelists will talk about the ways in which brands are moving from bystander to activist by leveraging powerful imagery to market campaigns for peace and tolerance, despite the possible alienation of customers.

Screen legend, Richard E Grant, joins Marie Claire editor-in-chief, Trish Halpin, for “Confessions of a Perfumed Ponce: A Conversation with Richard E Grant,” presented by Time Inc., to discuss how he went from films to fragrance and turned his scent “Jack” into a successful brand.

During “Risky Business? The Art of Reinvention,” presented by The Lighthouse Company, founder Kathleen Saxton will be joined by a group of experts to discuss why a staggering 39% of industry leaders have recently considered reinventing themselves professionally in a new sector. Panelists will explore how changing fields and entering into a new, unfamiliar areas of business comes with both risks and challenges, but can also lead to immeasurable personal reward and fulfillment.

To learn more about the Leadership Track, as well as the other official tracks of AWEurope, be sure to check out the 2017 calendar.

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