A city guide to Seattle

discuss.io's Celine Rosak gives us her inside tips

Seattle is home to many large enterprises and is quickly rising through the ranks as one of the most innovative business capitals in the United States.

Whatever you’re in town for, Seattle will be sure to show you a good time.

Even when it’s raining, Seattleites know how to make the most of what their bustling city has to offer.

Let’s get started!

When you’re in a new city, it’s important that you take care of yourself.

That’s why I’m having you start your day off with a tall glass of Pacific Northwest water and a crisp Washington apple.

Just kidding.

Let’s get donuts

You have some options:

  • Ole Faithful
  • Top Pot Doughnuts
  • “Healthy” (GMO-free, zero trans fat, vegan, organic ingredients)
  • Mighty-O Donuts
  • General Porpoise (A+ for Instagrammability)

Where to grab coffee

What’s a donut without a little coffee to wash it down?

Home to a little coffee shop called Starbucks (ever heard of it?), Seattleites are addicted to coffee and not afraid to admit it.

Your coffee options in this city are truly limitless:

Starbucks Roastery

Perhaps you’ve heard of the secret menu, but did you know that there are even more Starbucks exclusives hiding just behind the curtain? Taking a trip to the Starbucks Roastery allows you to rip that curtain to the side and exposes the whole coffee roasting process in the most fantastical way. The self proclaimed “Willy Wonka of Coffee,” the Roastery gives you access to small batch reserves aren’t available anywhere else in the world.

Slate Coffee Roasters

Slate takes unique coffee flavors from around the world and brings them to a cup near you! Many of their brews are from single origin batch brewed, meaning that the beans all came from the same place, it’s not a blend.


Located at the heart of Pike Place, Storyville is a room with a view. Perfect for gazing out over the Sound or cuddling up with a book, Storyville gives off very Pacific Northwest (PNW) vibes and gives a nice respite from the drizzle and drab happening outside.

Where to get the best fish in town


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A trip to Seattle wouldn’t be complete without fresh seafood, just off the boat from the Pacific Ocean.

No matter the type of fish you crave, Seattle’s got you covered.


Located right on Lake Union, Westward blends good food and good ambiance. Sit at the bar for a mesmerizing peek into the preparation of the dishes, or enjoy their incredible view of Downtown Seattle. Should you be fortunate enough to have access to a boat while you’re in town, Westward also offers dockside parking!

The Walrus and the Carpenter

Owned by the same restaurant group as General Porpoise, The Walrus and the Carpenter boasts a similar clean-maritime aesthetic. We recommend that you sample from their vast selection of fresh oysters.

Sushi Kashiba

If you’re a fanboys/girl of the art of sushi, this is a must-go spot. Located right next to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market, Sushi Kashiba is as close to Japanese-quality sushi as you’ll find in the continental United States. Come here and experience how truly decadent raw fish can be.

Brew your hearts out

From coffee to beer, Seattle has perfected the art of the legal substance.

Across the city you’ll find little breweries scattered about. Brewery tours are one of this city’s biggest pastimes.

Fremont Brewing

Fremont Brewing is one of the bigger breweries in the city, you’ll find their beer on tap around the city at almost any bar. However, a visit to their flagship location in the Fremont neighborhood is a can’t miss. On a sunny day, Fremont Brewing’s large outdoor seating area is packed full of friends and dogs. When you’re done at Fremont Brewing, we recommend stopping by Gas Works Park for one of the best views of the city. Watch seaplanes land and take off from Lake Union and admire the fantastic view. Be sure to swing by the Discuss.io office, which is on the way to Gas Works! If you’re not sick of beer, we’d be happy to share some from our well-stocked kegerator.

Elysian Bar

Another well-loved, Seattle-based brewery in town is Elysian Brewing. There are many breweries around the city that don’t cater to non-beer drinkers, but Elysian isn’t one of them. For a more upscale beer experience, we recommend the Elysian Bar, a cocktail bar with the full Elysian flight available on tap.

Ballard Breweries

If you’re feeling antsy, we suggest going to one of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods for breweries: Ballard. Home to ten breweries in five square miles, a trip to Ballard will let you get a taste of the town. Pro tip: if you order a “flight,” you’ll be able to taste multiple beers on the menu in smaller quantities - giving you even more variety! Drink responsibly! Be sure to check out Ballard’s great restaurants before you get started.

By Celine Rosak, Marketer at Discuss.io.

Celine lives in Seattle and loves exploring all that the city and its scenic surroundings have to offer.