City Guides: Denver - Jared Gatti

Talent Manager at POSSIBLE Mobile explores business and pleasure in Denver, USA.

Best hotel for business?

The Curtis. This is a great little classic hotel, which has nice open spaces for chilling and working. It has all you would need in one place. Also, it’s close to just about everything. We have our employees stay there when we can. It is simple and classic with some nice modern touches. 

Best hotel for pleasure?

The Four Seasons. They have won our business for life. Great Staff, amazing restaurant, and a wine room we love to take pictures in even if we are not drinking in it. They also have all the amenities you could ever want. My wife and I got ready for our wedding here and finished the evening there. We go back at least once a year because of our experiences. Did I mention the EDGE steakhouse and the Wagyu for 2? I will. 


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Best bar for celebrating? 

The Nickel. It's an open environment and you can get a lot of people in to raise a glass with. The bartenders know how to mix up cocktails and get creative too. They have a great selection available along with some aged libations if that is your thing. They have good small plate options with homemade Charcuterie making it great for sharing and celebrating together. We have thrown two holiday parties there and we were very well taken care of and accommodated. 

Best bar for a business drink? 

You mean besides my office with a cellared beer or a scotch? I like the Rialto Cafe. Good selection and great local rotating Beer Taps. If you get hungry they also have some great food options on the menu. Another great option is the Cruise Room if you could get in as it is very limited, make sure you go with less than six teammates. 

Best restaurant for a business lunch? 

Edge Steakhouse. It’s a bit cheaper than the dinner with a nice selection and overall just done well. Or splurge and get the Wagyu for 2, it's amazing, but the hot stone appetizer makes for a small lunch too. 

How to spend an in-between meeting?

In the summer, Civic Center Eats. It’s Food Truck central, giving you a lot of variety of great food from all over Denver. In the winter go to Union Station and see how converting a historic train station can give you a variety of things to choose from in terms of food and drinks. 

If you only have time to do one thing in my city, do this.

This is hard as there is so much to do and everyone loves something different. Since this is about me, I'll go with a drink around sunset at the Peaks Lounge at Hyatt Regency at the Convention Center. This place will give you the best view of purple mountains majesty and the city all at the same time. If you could sneak into the hot Tub, definitely do it ;-), or just make it a stay and take in all the Hotel has to offer. 


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