5 thoughts on McLaren

5 thoughts on McLaren

We catch up with Global CEO and Chairman of the Marketing Society Southeast Asia, Wayne Arnold, after our Afternoon Tea with Zak Brown to find out what his top learning were.

On achieving the seemingly unachievable

McLaren are known for setting the bar high in sports, technology and car manufacturing. 

They are the second oldest active Formula 1 team after Ferrari and their cars can reach 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

How do they keep innovating and achieving the 'unachievable'?

Wayne credits the companies drive and all-round excellence, to setting 'high audacious goals and then giving 'the team the tools to succeed'.

On what McLaren stands and drives for

In one word, Wayne describes the racing brand as “Winning” - pun intended - in every sense of the word. 

But looking beyond adjectives, he describes the effect this 'winning' attitude has on the mentality and culture of the McLaren team as making them 'step up when they enter the office'.

On failure

Everyone has felt the sting of disappointment and embarrassment caused by failure, whether it's an unsuccessful campaign or not hitting your return on investment.

However remaining optimistic in the face of failure may just be the secret to success. 

Wayne says that in light of failure, they 'don’t point blame'.

Instead, they look into the process behind the failure, 'it was the process that failed not the person'.

On challenges facing F1

Since launching their 'Esports' series - which kicked off this month - Formula 1 is facing new challenges. 

The online competition coincides with the release of the official F1™ 2017 game allowing gamers to get a virtual taste of racing at F1. 

Hitting the digital and gaming sphere opens up a new portal of challenges from attracting a 'younger audience' to finding the 'worlds fastest gamer'.

Wayne also highlights other challenges from attracting 'potential talent in markets like Asia' to finding 'key partners that enable us to cross populate their audiences'.

On a missed opportunity

Every company can look back and appreciate a few missed opportunities or mishaps when it comes to marketing. 

Wayne admires NASCAR for their presence in the movie - and video game - 'Days of Thunder' which not only used NASCAR-style racing series but also featured real-life NASCAR racers.

Whilst, Formula 1's biggest missed opportunity was not 'embracing content and films like “Rush”' according to Wayne.

By Orianna Rosa Royle, Digital Assistant at The Marketing Society