24-hour global conversation: part two

24-hour global conversation 2015

In March 2014 - and to mark the launch of The Marketing Society Asia - we embarked on a bold industry first: a global conversation that went round the world in 24 hours.

We crossed continents, time zones and cultures asking the world's leading marketers one question:

'What is the great opportunity and challenge in your market over the next decade?'.

Due to its success we decided to do it again, this time asking our members from across the globe:

"What is the greatest opportunity and challenge for your business in 2016 and how are you going to take it beyond business as usual?"

How it worked
We held a telephone conversation every hour on the hour, for an entire day. The discussions were recorded and analysed, to give our members a truly global view of the key opportunities and challenges that marketers will be grappling with during the year ahead.

Quotes from participants
“It’s changing everything, from how we forecast economic bases to the way that businesses are engaged with their target audience.” Wayne Arnold Co–Founder and Global CEO MullenLowe Profero

“Very quickly a brand can go from being somewhere to being somewhere else, and so too can the share price. I think viewing brands in 360 degrees, and not just from a communication perspective, is a huge challenge for marketers.” Pete Markey Chief Marketing Officer The Post Office

If you go too far down the rabbit hole of data, data, data… analysis, analysis, analysis; you could lose your intuition as a marketer.”  Richard Ivey Asia Marketing Society Steering Group

What we learned
Working with Bloomberg Media, we created this booklet summarising our key findings. These are the topics on the minds of marketers around the world.


Join up. Join in
Should you or your colleagues based in either of these regions be keen to find out more about the Society in Asia or the Middle East, please get in touch with Alasdair Hall-Jones.