‘Don’t do the right thing...do the brave thing’ - Dubai Braver Conference 2018

As 2018 prepares to shuffle off to Bedfordshire, ‘tis the season for the world of Marketing leadership to shine brighter and braver. And ‘world’ is no exaggeration as this occasion saw the Marcomms Great and Good gather on the very same day across LON, NYC, HKG & DXB (trademark of Dubai Airports, BTW.) 

Our Dubai Venue? VOX Cinemas in Mall of the Emirates. I know what you’re thinking…shrieking brats, gummy carpets and arctic aircon: brave, indeed…But it was worth every sticky step as a veritable Top of the VOX Pops was assembled to take us on a romp through the many meanings of ‘bravery’ in the modern era, constantly posing the question ‘what’s your brave’?

The cinematic setting proved to be apt for a captivating, heart-wrenching, soul-searching, tear-jerking swirl of information and inspiration, with weighty words rippling around the room. As we circled through our speakers, it swiftly surfaced that bravery is a battle against a foe of many faces – from fear to comfort; cynicism to insincerity. And whilst bravery must be fought for, it appears true victory lies in not winning but being brave in trying, in the admirable eyes of the Special Olympics team at least. ‘Trying’, however, must be a sincere and relentless endeavor – a switch flicked permanently to ‘on’, we learn – which exposes those businesses and brands that fake or fudge courage for opportunistic gain. 

Either way, based on the event’s turnout and reaction, if bravery does indeed beget bravery as we are told, the MENA industry should brace itself as we prepare to act on the inspirational words such as those of Lee Clow, fit for a Winter blockbuster itself ‘Don’t do the right thing...do the brave thing.’ And, as Ocean-rowing adventurer Omar Nour warns, whatever you do, don’t forget your toothbrush. 

Written by Matt Horobin, Strategic Brand & Digital Marketing specialist at Dubai Airports


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