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Tech Acceleration Workshops

In partnership with Alchemy Network


We have partnered with Alchemy Network, who run the UK's largest Marketing Innovation Programme, to extend their service to our members.

One of the main concerns for marketers is keeping pace with digital technology, and our members recognise that technology and innovation within marketing can help provide a competitive advantage.

However the reality is that keeping pace with the cutting edge of advertising and marketing technology is difficult to do.

The marketplace is noisy and difficult to navigate. Often marketers are time and resource poor. Making time to be inspired is rare. This results in businesses and brands relying on the same technologies, thus minimising competitive advantage and losing sight of what is possible.

Alchemy Network identify, curate and showcase the most exciting technologies across this marketplace. 

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To kick-start your innovation journey, the Alchemy Network will be sharing key insights on why taking risks is important, the mentality of innovation, the pace of technology and more:

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We will also be hosting weekly discussions, where we will explore the insights together in our members Coffeehouse. If you are not already part of the Coffeehouse, you can join here

Alchemy Network

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