Simon Mallinson

MD Producer, MTP

Simon left behind a budding career as a private investigator in Australia in order to start a career in corporate Video and commercial production in Scotland in 1984 working for SSK who had just built Scotland’s first indépendant edit Suite.

In 1988 he started his own company MTP who yesterday opened production job number 2239. 

In 2002 Simon was given an award for making an outstanding contribution to the Marketing and Advertising Industry. MTP is probably best known for its Irn Bru ( think Fanny) and Tenant’s Lager ads( think Bollywood ) as well as the Sony television ad that has paint exploding like Fireworks all over a Glasgow High Rise block of flats.

Simon also owns a commercials production company in London and a production company in Bristol that makes the award winning returning series Drain the Oceans for National Geographic.

He also makes films which include the BAFTA winning Hector which the daily Telegraph voted the 12th best Christmas film ever.

Simon thinks that the first job of any producer is to value and showcase creativity within a financial business structure. 

He also thinks producing is the best job in the world .

We are delighted to be back in the room and making waves with a mixture of old favourites.